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The Wigger Group is an informal association of windsurfers who join together to reserve the Wigger Group Camping area at Pomona Lake, KS.  (About 90 minutes Southwest of Kansas City, Missouri.)  All windsurfers or windsurfer wannabes are welcome to join the Wigger Group.  This is a great way to get into the sport, since current members are very good at providing helpful information to those new to the sport.  They also seem to always have older gear available for sale at cheap prices!

The Wigger Area at Pomona Lake offers an excellent launch site and rigging area with great parking and camping access.  Also, "sand" volleyball and a small playground area for children are available.

Come out and camp for a weekend to see if itís for you!  If you decide you like it, the membership fee for the 2002 season is $30 per individual or family.  This year's schedule shows we have Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends reserved, as well as many other weekends throughout the summer.

Directions to Pomona Lake/Wigger Group Camp area:

Take I-35 to Ottawa, then go west on Hwy 68.  Hwy 68 will turn into Hwy 268.  Continue on 268 until you see the Pomona Lake sign on your right (on your left will be a restaurant/quick stop place named Green Acres).  Turn right toward the lake, go over the dam, then take the first left (toward the marina).  Continue on this road, past the marina, until you see the Wigger Group Camp sign.  Turn left just after the sign, left again at the outhouses, go through the gate (be sure to close it after you pass through), and you're there!

If you have any questions regarding the Wigger Group, you can e-mail the webmaster for additional information.


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